Appeal Court Judge Candidacy and Campaign Efforts

If lawyers know judges best, then Judge Eugene Lucci has the highest judicial qualifications of all judicial candidates (supreme and appellate courts) polled by the Lake County Bar Association this election cycle. Judge Lucci achieved a 92.307% rating of qualified over his opponent, who achieved a 90.666% qualified rating. See the entire poll for yourself:

2022 Judicial Poll News Release JJS - 4-29-2022

CAUTION: Don’t be fooled by political preference polls – they are NOT judicial qualifications polls!

On November 8, it is YOUR preference that counts, not that of the attorneys.

LUCCI FUNDRAISER - Grand River Cellars - FB version
2022 Judicial Poll News Release JJS - 4-29-2022 - single race_Page_1
20220912 - FOP - Lucci Endorsement
Judge Lucci - Lobe event flyer - 9-26-2022 - Final
Judge Lucci - Bistro 70 event flyer 9-12-2022
Judge Lucci - Deep Springs Trout Club event flyer - 8-30-2022
Judge Lucci - Cappelli-O'Brien event flyer - 8-24-2022
Judge Lucci - Invitation Cask 307 fundraiser 1-10-2022

Judge Lucci announces his candidacy for the Court of Appeals